Sinister Circus - Giggles
Den Giggles habe ich mir gekauft, damit der Teezer nicht so ganz alleine ist. Auch er stammt aus der Sinister Circus Serie von Tonner. Hier die Beschreibung zu Giggles:

Giggles will make you die laughing! His exploits have made even the toughest of men breakdown and weep. This bundle of laughs arrives wearing a knit bodysuit under a vibrant high-collared shirt with rick-rack and pom-pom trimmings, paired with stretch velvet pants with a metallic net overlay. Wide lace-up belt with ruffled trim, mesh armbands, knit socks, and faux leather lace-up boots with bow trim also included; includes display stand.
Munchkin Head Sculpt - Marley Body
Giggles zusammen mit Teezer .....
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